[Wvgc-go] ADMIN: Lists Have Moved

computer-go at roveg.org computer-go at roveg.org
Mon Jan 23 06:18:38 PST 2017

 	Thanks for your patience.
 	Everything should be the same, the archives,
addresses you send new posts to, the location of
listonfo and archives, and memberships and the 
passwords you were given when you subscribed.
 	The IP has changed, and it is running as
a virtual host.  These will affect the headers
of the emails and subscriber clients may handle
things in a different way.  E.G. much of this
thread ended up in the spam folder of one of
m subscribed accounts.
 	It will take a few days (probably)
to suss it all out.  Hopefully it can all
be done at the server.
 	Transit times are different.  It was
on the east coast USA, now on the west coast
in San Francisco.
 	I'll post on progress or lack thereof
as things settle in.

 	Thanks again,

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