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I am directing a new tournament to start January 31.  The schedule is flexible!  Details are in the flyer quoted below.  Please pass this invitation on to those you know who might not be on this list.  All players are welcome, but only PGC members will be eligible for the “Champion” title.  All participants must register online, as described in the flyer.

2017 Club Championship

A flexible-schedule, AGA-rated tournament to earn bragging rights as the Club Champion for 2017.  Play commences at the end of January and continues to the end of March.  Play your games at Powell's on Tuesdays or Lucky Lab on Sundays, or both!

AGA Rules.  Instant pairings.  Late entry permitted.  Open section (5-dan or higher) games will be played negiri, komi 7.5.  All other sections, handicaps/komi determined by TD.  Clock optional.  All games must start at least two hours before meeting closing time.  If playing without a clock, games must be completed by meeting closing time.  If using a clock, 45 minutes per player + five 30-second  byoyomi periods.  No adjournments.

Play a maximum of one game per meeting period.  To be eligible for prizes, you must play a minimum of four games against four different opponents over the duration of the tournament.  Each game/pairing must be arranged with your opponent and the TD prior to the meeting when it will be played.

Any and all players are welcome to compete, but only those who are members of the Portland Go Club and AGA affiliated with the Portland Go Club (check your AGA membership record) at the start of competition can claim the club championship trophy.  All players must be AGA members, with membership valid from entry date through the duration of the tournament.  No exceptions.  No “one-day pass” entries.  Special promotional membership discount available for those who have never joined the AGA or played in an AGA event.

To register for the tournament, go to goclubs.org and create a free individual account.  Next, edit your Preferences for your account to show “Portland Go Club.”  This will help us maintain contact.  Then, on the Home page under Clubs, click on the “Join” icon for the Portland Go Club to officially register as a member of the club.  Membership is free.   Finally, under Tournaments, follow the link for 2017 Club Championship and complete the registration form.   All players must register online no later than January 30, 2017.

Entry fees:  Non-PGC Adult members $20.00.  PGC adult members $15.00.  All Youth players (under the age of 18 as of March 31, 2017) $10.00.  Entry fees payable in cash prior to your first game.

Prizes:  Trophy for the winner of the Open section.  Other prizes to be determined based on number of entries.  We plan separate prizes for best performance by a player under 12 and a player under 18.  Age as of March 31, 2017.

Roy Schmidt
Portland, Oregon, USA

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