[Wvgc-go] Can we do something about all of the inactive meetings on the calendar?

Neal Wright Neal at hendeca.com
Fri Nov 4 20:28:24 PDT 2016


Over the last year I've attended no fewer than 5 go club meetings where no
one was there or the club was on hiatus. It's sad to see that there seem to
be fewer and fewer players coming to the meetings and I wonder if it might
be harder to attract new players when the main calendar of go meetings can
be fairly inconsistent.

I'd really like to remedy this by removing clubs that are inactive or at
least updating the calendar when there's a meeting that is not meeting for
part of the year. Recently I've found that:

   - The Bethany club was not happening last time a went (a month or tw
   ago). I tried to contact the organizer via the contact info on
   oregongo.org and received no reply. Does this club still exist?
   - I haven't seen anyone at Lucky lab on Saturdays when I've gone over
   the last 6 months or so. It could be that it happens sometimes and I have
   only gone when it's not happening, but so far I haven't seen anyone there
   in some time.
   - Seems that the Lewis and Clark Go Club event has been updated to cease
   during the summer season so that's great!

If there's any way I can help keep the calendar up-to-date, I'd be willing
to volunteer some of my time to make sure that the schedule is accurate.
I've also thought about trying to organize a night aimed at kyu players,
but I would probably prefer to wait until after the calendar has been
updated to reflect the currently active meetings so it doesn't get lost in
the mix. When there aren't many players at Powell's, it can be hard for a
player who is weaker than 5k or so to find a game. Generally I've found the
players to be very accommodating and I understand the desire to play with
players of one's own strength, so I think such a meeting could serve as a
good environment for weaker players looking to improve. If possible it
would be great to eventually include lectures from time to time from
stronger players.

Anyway, I just thought I'd put in my two cents and also offer to assist in
keeping the calendar organized and up-to-date. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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