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I'm really sorry, but I've changed the teaching style just now. 

If it's not too much trouble, would you mind re-sending it? 
But I know you're very busy. In that case please don't bother. 

thank very much. 


Kaz Go School. 

Due to an increasing number of students, I have to change the way I teach. I’ve decided to send you a text now. 

Would you please try to answer that and return it to me by 12 hours before the class starts. In the first class I’m going to show you how you should play and correct common amateur mistakes. 

Please don’t worry about making mistakes. When I see common amateur mistakes, I’m going to correct them in class. So it’s good to make mistakes here. 

Also someone told me that he can’t stay for two hours or a class. If you have to leave early or come in class late, that’s fine. 

Since I’ve changed the way I teach, now you can come and leave anytime. Or you can skip class, too. I'll include your mistakes on my comments, and I’m going to send you the text in class to everyone after each lesson. I, of course, will not mention who played a mistake. 

One more thing. At this point due to my work, I'm not sure if I can have the second Kaz school as I have originally scheduled. I may have to postpone a bit. But I do like to do it again sometime soon. 

Thank you very much for your understanding. 


Kazunari Furuyama Office: 48-6 Ooyamahigashi-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan 
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