[Wvgc-go] A Note from Kazunari about his new Go school, seeing if you want to Join

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For those who don't know, Kaz has been a very popular Go teacher at a number of Congresses. He lived in the US - and in Portland for quite a time - and has good friends here...Chris Shelley, myself, Doug Cable, Rhett...His English is excellent, as is his humor and teaching skill. 

See below: 

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Subject: Are you interested in Kaz Go School? 

Dear Peter the Great, 

Hello again. 

I'm starting Kaz School, there 8 two-hour lessons for 8 weeks. Would you like to join? 
You are always free to join. 

I'm going to teach on KGS in "Kaz teaching room" 

and if you join, you need your KGS account. 

Please let me know if you like to try. 

Hope all is well for you and your family. 

Best wishes, 


Where is Kaz school? 

I teach on KGS “Kaz teaching room”. This is an exclusive class. Only I can let my members in. 

When does Kaz school start? 

I’m going to start on the following time and the date and continue every weekend at the same time: 



the U.S.A. 

Pacific time 	


Jan. 26th 	

Jan. 25th 	

Jan. 25 th 




7:00 am 	

2:00 pm 	

10:00 pm 

This is how you play a game and how I teach. 

1. I make up an opening and wait for my students in “Kaz teaching room”. 

2. All the students join in “Kaz teaching game”. (Please be on time. If you’re late, you may not have a chance to play.) 

3. Each kyu player pairs with another kyu player, who is close to his / her level. Then a dan player pairs with another dan player. 

4. Then the pair play my prepared text game by following the order below. 

A. One of the pair players clicks “Options” → click “Clone game in” → click “Kaz teaching room”. 

B. The other pair joins the game. 

C. Click “ Tool ” in the upper left corner → “Set Players”. 

D. Enter each player’s nickname and start the game. 

E. Kaz is going to watch all the games. 

F. After 10 minutes, you stop a game. ( I hope you have time to play about 30 moves.) 

G. Then Kaz reviews all your games, and everyone watches and asks questions. 

You must first dream a possible future before it can become a reality. 

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