[Wvgc-go] Would you like to make a tax deductible contribution to support chiildren learning to play Go in Oregon?

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Fri Feb 8 21:12:39 PST 2013

Donate to the Portland Go Club 

Now a Charitable Organization 

Hey Oregon Go player! If you don't (or even if you do) have heirs, might you consider including the Portland Go Club in your estate plan or will? If so, please contact Peter Freedman at 503-242-4203, or, peter.freedman at comcast.net 

Perhaps you'd like to make a donation now. 

Why donate to the Portland Go Club: 

If you love Go, and want to support Go activities in Oregon… 

If you want to help develop the next generation of Oregon Go players… 

If you want to support the Portland Go Club's outreach and education activities… 

Education and Outreach Efforts of the Portland Go Club: 

Has taught hundreds of children in Portland to play Go 

Runs matches locally, nationally and internationally for new child Go players 

Teaches go to children in public and private schools 

Brings professional players to Portland for workshops 

Supports Go education activities throughout the State 

Reaches out to the general public with regular Go demonstrations 

Portland Go Club president Glenn Peters has been tireless in reaching into the community to acquaint the general public with Go. 

How would we use your money? 

Our biggest thrust is teaching the next generation of Go players. We currently have throughout the State about 3 Go players teaching Go to children in the schools. Two volunteer; one is paid. We plan on expanding our education efforts by paying Go educators to teach children. At this time, this is the primary reason we are trying to raise money. 

Go in the Schools in Oregon. The great majority of this work has taken place in Portland. Between Peter Freedman (volunteer) and Fritz Balwit, hundreds of children have learned to play Go, and some of them have joined school teams and competed in tournaments. A few came to Janice Kim's workshop last year. Bob O Malley in Corvallis has taught many children. We believe our efforts are bearing fruit, and plan to expand. We plan to approach schools this year with a goal of adding 4 new school next year: 3 new schools in Portland, and, 1 school in Eugene, where Nick Jirad, 6 dan, with volunteer experience teaching math and science in elementary schools, is interested in teaching in the schools. 

Per School Program Budget: 

1 teacher: $ 2400 ($75/week, one class, *32 weeks) 

Equipment: $ 150 

Books and Supplies:$ 150 

Total: $ 2700 

At 4 new schools: $10,800 

So our fund-raising goal between now and Sept. 1, 2013 is $10,800 

You can designate your contribution to teaching Go to children by directing it to 'Children and Youth Education.' 

The Portland Go Club is now a charitable organization under federal law and all 

contributions are tax deductible. 
Peter Freedman 
Coordinator, Portland Go Club 

"To write the number of positions on a Go board of 361 points we will have to use the word 'ten thousand' 52 times." 
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