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Having no further nominations, Glenn Peters is running unopposed for a two year term as the PGC president, and Bill Corry unopposed for a two year team as secretary. 

Persons listed below are eligible to vote. Please send your vote to me at: 

peter.freedman at comcast.net. Voting will be open for one week, ending at midnight, Friday, February 15th. 

Thanks all, 

Peter Freedman 
Club Coordinator 

"To write the number of positions on a Go board of 361 points we will have to use the word 'ten thousand' 52 times." 
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The positions of secretary and president of the Portland Go Club are up for election this year. Glenn Peters, president, and Bill Corry, secretary, are standing for reelection. A term is two years. 

If any Portland Go Club member wishes to run for one of these offices, please let me know by January 26th of this month. The election will take place on this listserv the following week, but for privacy purposes, please send your votes to me at: peter.freedman at comcast.net and I will count them. 

The following are currently Portland Go Club members of the AGA according to AGA records and are eligible to both run for club positions and to vote for club officers: 

Alexander, Casey 
Balwit, Fritz 
Barella, Richard 
Collins, Truman 
Cundall, Trey 
Fox, Aaron 
Ho, Nhan 
Howard, John 
Hurd, Joe 
Johnson, James 
King, Ray 
Levenick, Jim 
Liu, Louie 
Moore, James 
Peters, Glenn 
Rothstein, Jacob 
Savage, Rhett 
Stark, Chester 
Tsukamoto, Masaya 
Zhuang, Guozhong 

If you believe you should be on this list and are not, please let me know. 


Peter Freedman 
Club organizer 

"Guns don't kill people...They just make it easier." 

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