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Sat Apr 27 10:31:17 PDT 2013

Below is the list of players a., planning to come and paid, b. planning to come and not yet paid, and c., considering whether to come. 
If I have your rank wrong, please correct me. If you have not paid, please send me a check at your earliest convenience. 
Thanks, all, 

Peter Freedman 

	1 	Nhan Ho 	Not Paid 	2 dan 
	2 	Peter Freedman 	Paid 	2 dan 
	3 	Gordon Marsh 	Pending 	1 dan 
	4 	John Sajo 	Not Paid 	AGA 2-3 dan 
	5 	Chris Shelley 	Comp 	1 dan 
	6 	Glenn Peters 	Paid 	1 dan 
	7 	Jeremy Nelson 	Paid 	1 dan 
	8 	Bill Corry 	Paid 	3 kyu 
	9 	Cynthia Gaty 	Paid 	5 kyu 
	10 	Peter Drake 	Paid 	5 kyu 
	11 	Richard Steinfeld 	Pending 	6 kyu 
	12 	Mwelyn Albery-Speyer 	Not Paid 	? 
	13 	Paul Henerlau 	Not Paid 	1 kyu 
	14 	Hikaru Saito 	Not Paid 	15 kyu 
	15 	Johnny Sajo 	Not Paid 	7 kyu 
	16 	Wendy Gleason 	comp 	6 kyu 
	17 	PCC Stuent 	comp 	? 18. Darrell Malick 

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