[Wvgc-go] Last call for Guo Juan workshop

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Thu Apr 25 21:45:27 PDT 2013

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As it stands we do not have enough people subscribed to pay expenses for this workshop. So, unless I get several more subscribers by May 1st, I am planning on cancelling it. 

If you are planning on coming please have your check reach me by May 1st. 

Full weekend: 
Adults: $100 
Full-time college students: $50 
Children (12 and under): $25 

Daily rates: 

Adults: $60 

Full-time college students: $30 

Children (12 and under): $15 

Venue: Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus 

Reserve your spot by sending your check to: 

Portland Go Club 

ATT. Peter Freedman 

1710 SW Harbor Way, #303 

Portland, OR 97201 

Peter Freedman for the 

Portland Go Club 

"Saying 'just one game,they began to play...That was yesterday" 

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