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Tue Apr 23 22:22:56 PDT 2013

This is a link to two videos made by Portland-based Go player and filmmaker, Richard Blakeslee. 

The first video is of the Irvington School Chess and Go Club, and includes interviews with some of the children. 


The second video is of a match played between Irvington Elementary School and Sun Montessori School. 


You can see these videos, and many photos of Portland kids playing Go on my facebook page. 

Enjoy:)...and support our work! 

We'd like to develop a Go city league in the Portland schools. Several schools are interested in starting clubs next year. We have received two donations totaling $3250 to support this effort. Donations are tax deductible. If you'd like to make a donation for this purpose, write on the check: 'schools program'. The club has a specific fund dedicated to this purpose. Money will support Go equipment, teaching materials, and teaching fees for non-volunteer teachers. FYI: This is not me feeding my own face...All the work I do is volunteer:) 

Let me know if you want more information about our work teaching children Go in the Portland metropolitan area. 

Peter Freedman 
Club Organizer 
Portland Go Club 

Checks to: 
Portland Go Club 
c/o Peter Freedman 
1710 SW Harbor Way unit 303 
Portland, OR 97201 

"To write the number of positions on a Go board of 361 points we will have to use the word 'ten thousand' 52 times." 
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