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Tue Apr 2 13:26:44 PDT 2013

1. We will have a new program at Barnes Elementary School in Washington County for the next term as part of their afterschool program. 11 children have signed up for a Go class. 

2. Richard Blakeslee, local Go player and film-maker, is doing some filming of our program at Irvington Elementary School. Pending parent releases I'll share a link to the video. 

3. Two upcoming children's matches. 

April 21st: Sunstone Montesorri vs Irvington Elementary School, 2 pm, Mt. Tabor Church. 
Late May: rematch with our friends in Mexico City. 

4. Go homestay! Some of our friends from Mexico City are planning a homestay in Portland on their way to the Congress this August in Tacoma. 

Children's Go...alive and thriving in Portland, OR:) 


"To write the number of positions on a Go board of 361 points we will have to use the word 'ten thousand' 52 times." 
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