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On 3/27/13 2:09 PM, peter.freedman at comcast.net wrote:
> "To write the number of positions on a Go board of 361 points we will
> have to use the word 'ten thousand' 52 times."
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> Hello Go Players,
> If you are interested in a Go turnament in Portland area (non AGA
> rated), please reply by answering following questions.
> 1. What timeline is prefered by you? List your three preference date in
> order.
> 2. Do you like a whole day game or a half day game?
> 3. What place do you propose? Powell bookstore, Tabor Space, Lucky Lab,
> etc. List your preference site.
> 4. Do you like the idea that attendee pay small amount of registration
> fee so that the collected money will be used for prize? $5-$10 maybe?
> vote yes or no.
> Let me gather some statistics before we make a decision whether it is
> possible to host a turnament in Portland area.
> Tieling Xie
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I'd play in a local non-rated tournament, if a good space is available. 
Any Saturday would be fine by me for a 3-game small tournament, assuming 
an hour each + byoyomi. Is the Bamboo Grove suitable and available? I 
wouldn't mind chipping in 5 bucks :)




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