[Wvgc-go] Portland Go Tournament, October 20-21, Lewis & Clark College

Peter Drake drake at lclark.edu
Thu Sep 13 09:21:10 PDT 2012

NOTE: There is only ONE WEEK LEFT to register online. PLEASE do this
if you think you are likely to attend, even if you are in one of the
free categories (Lewis & Clark Students and those 18 and under). This
important for three reasons:

1. It gets you a $10 discount on registration.
2. Lots of on-site registration slows things down.
3. I need to have an estimate of my prize budget. The more people
register, the more fabulous the prizes!

Also, please spread the word to all Go players you know!


Portland Go Tournament

October 20-21, 2012 Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

Come play SEVEN rounds of AGA-rated Go! That's right, MORE GO THAN
YOUlLL GET IN THE US OPEN! This is a handicap tournament, so you can
expect some exciting, close games no matter your rank.

Strong players (6D+ AGA) may opt instead for the 5-round open
tournament -- all even games, may the best player win!

Prizes (merchandise, lessons, or cash) will be awarded for:

Top three places (open)
Top three dan players (handicap)
Top three single-digit kyu players (handicap)
Top three double-digit kyu players (handicap)
Top youth player (18 and under) (handicap)
Top female player (handicap)
TO REGISTER: Register at www.goclubs.org. If you entered all of your
personal information last year, it should still be there; you may wish
to update your rank. Email me (drake at lclark.edu) if you have any

REGISTRATION FEE: $15 if you've preregistered by SEPTEMBER 20, $25
otherwise, no registration fee for Lewis & Clark students and players
18 and under. ALL players must also either be AGA members (you can
join at the tournament for $30) or pay a one-tournament membership fee
of $10.

All fees are paid by cash or check on the day of the tournament.

LOCATION: Albany 218 and 220 on the campus of Lewis & Clark College.
This is the same location as last year. Maps:



Handicap games give each side 60 minutes plus five 30-second overtime
segments (byo-yomi). Open games give each side 90 minutes plus five
30-second overtime segments.

Saturday, October 20
8:00 AM	 Registration
9:15 AM	 Handicap Round 1	Open Round 1
1:00 PM	 Handicap Round 2
1:30 PM Open Round 2
3:30 PM	 Handicap Round 3
7:00 PM	 Handicap Round 4	Open Round 3

Sunday, October 21
9:15 AM	 Handicap Round 5	Open Round 4
1:00 PM	 Handicap Round 6
1:30 PM Open Round 5
3:30 PM Handicap Round 7
6:00 PM	 Award Ceremony

TRANSPORTATION: Parking on campus is free on the weekends. If you're
coming from downtown Portland, you can take the Pioneer Express
shuttle bus:


(Note that the shuttle route has changed slightly from last year.)

FOOD: In the past, volunteers have provided some coffee, muffins, etc.
There is a coffee shop (Maggie's) open on campus; Fields Dining Room
is open for lunch and dinner. Info on these establishments can be
found here:


Note that Maggie's doesn't open until noon on the weekend, so if you
need an infusion of caffeine before your first round, bring something

Peter Drake

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