[Wvgc-go] Guo Juan (5p) workshop coming soon!

Robert O'Malley omalleyr at science.oregonstate.edu
Thu May 31 09:03:00 PDT 2012

Hey all

reminder that the Guo Juan workshop in Salem is coming up (June 23-24). 
Expect game reviews, games, and mini-lectures, along with the famous 
Saturday pot-luck and late-night Go games (for the hard core).

So far we have six confirmed:

5D Robert Tirak
2D Jim Levenick
1D John Howard
1K Bob O'Malley
3K Darrell Malick
6K Cynthia Gaty

and four others expressing interest

6D Nick Jhirad
2D Bryant Brownell
2K Yigal Toister
16K Jake

also possible, but very iffy

6D SeJoon Park

the 16K has played for maybe a month, and is on a fast arc upward. It's 
likely by the time the workshop is here he will be 12K or stronger. We 
are looking for an 8K to 10K to match up with him for game reviews for 
this to work.

with the exception of Bryant and John, this looks like the regulars at 
the Corvallis Go Club meetings on Wednesdays (first at the New Morning 
Bakery, then over to the Flat Tail pub afterwards) :)))

Do consider joining us --- it is a most enjoyable time, and I have found 
it very motivating. Good thing ... otherwise I'd be too old to learn ;^)

Let me know if you'll be there; cost is $120 for the weekend. No need to 
send it in ahead of time, just bring it along.

thx, and see you there

Bob O'Malley
Corvallis Go Club

    O-Ren: You didn't think it was gonna be that easy, did you?
    The Bride: You know, for a second there … yeah, I kinda did.

from Kill Bill Vol I, regarding becoming really good at Go :))

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