[Wvgc-go] Guo Juan workshop status

Peter Drake drake at lclark.edu
Tue Jun 12 07:47:41 PDT 2012

I won't be able to attend the workshop, but I remind everyone that the NEXT
big Go event in Oregon is the Portland Tournament. Details can be found at:


Please talk this up at the workshop -- the more the merrier!

Peter Drake

On Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 10:36 AM, Robert O'Malley <
omalleyr at science.oregonstate.edu> wrote:

> Hey everyone
> the 2nd Salem workshop with Guo Juan is on for June 23 & 24, just over two
> weeks away, and the google-docs pot-luck list is filling out :))
> Here's who we've got, and there's room for a few more if you are able to
> make it.  Just let me know.
>   6D   Nick Jhirad
>   5D   Robert Tirak
>   2D   Jim Levenick
>   1D   John Howard
>   1K   Bob O'Malley
>   2K   Yigal Toister
>   3K   Darrell Malick
>   6K   Cynthia Gaty
>   8K   James Johnson
>   NR   Jake Alderete
> I'd say four of the players on this list are stronger than their last
> rating.  Also, Jake has played ~ 4 weeks, but should be closing on
> single-digit kyu by the time the workshop is here.
> Workshops are for anyone who wants to improve, and everyone wants to be a
> stone or two stronger.  Me, I want to beat Jim :D
> cost is $120; no need to pay in advance.
> see you there
> Bob
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