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Michael Richard aka Roveg veg at dvandva.org
Thu Jul 19 18:16:34 PDT 2012

 	Thank you for finding this.  I removed the ip last year;
I'll put an autocheck on the to do list.

 	I just delisted from Spamhaus-ZEN. SORBS-SPAM wants
me to join up to opt out, as far as I can discover, and requires
quite a lot of personal infrmation. Seems a bit like a protection 

 	I plan to move the lists to computer-go.org soon.  I can
prepare the domain on it's own host, and move the list complete
with archives and subscriber list without affecting the current
lists.  I have been building and rebuilding equivalent systems,
and combined with have the luxury of cloning a running list, it
should all go smoothly.

 	I will ask the list to set a date/time for the change,
so as to minimize problems.


On Thu, 19 Jul 2012, Darren Cook wrote:

>> If I go to the email blacklist checker at
>> http://www.mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx/ and enter the list server's IP
>> address (, it tells me that the list server appears on
>> the SORBS-SPAM and Spamhaus-ZEN blacklists.
>> I think this is likely to cause mail from the list to be marked as spam,
>> or even blocked outright, by a fairly high proportion of mail servers
>> (at least Spamhaus-ZEN is a very well respected blacklist; I'm not so
>> sure about SORBS).
> I've never met a blacklist that didn't cause more trouble than it saved.
> If a blacklist contains the IP address of a valid mailing list, such as
> this one, then it does not deserve to be well-respected.
> Darren @ Trying To Change The World One Rant At A Time
> P.S. My point being that if you're not receiving email from this list
> then complain to *your* ISP or system administrator that they seem to be
> blocking it. In most cases it won't do any good, unless enough people
> complain, but you never know until you try...
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