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American Go Association Marketing and Development Committee 

First Annual Report: July, 2012 

Establishment. The AGA Fund raising committee was formed after a call for volunteers in the EJournal in the winter of 2011. 

Membership. Initial members were Andy Okun, Chair, Thomas Hsiang, Joannne Phipps, Paul Celmer, and Peter Freedman. Joanne left the committee for personal reasons. Peter Freedman became the chair. Lisa Scott has recently joined the committee. 

Mission. Initially the mission was to raise money. Subsequent discussions lead to a reformulation of the mission to promoting Go in the U.S. The committee changed its name to the Marketing and Development Committee. 


1. Identify companies in whose interest it is to associate themselves with Go, as sponsors or in other ways. Such companies include but are not limited to U.S. companies doing business in Asia, Asian companies, gaming companies, hi tech companies, and AI companies. 

a. Develop marketing materials. 

b. Market sponsorship of major activities to these companies (Congress, pro league, NMSA) 

2. Identify high profile Go players and engage them in helping the committee achieve its mission. 

3. Utilize social media to spread awareness of Go. 

a. Develop a Go-themed music video. 

4. Obtain rights to use Hikaru No Go for non-profit purposes. 

5. Engage the American Go community in the committee's efforts. 

a. Contact chapter reps to explain our work. 

b. Ask them if they or their members can help. 

Significant achievements to date: 

We have developed the mission for the committee and honed in on the strategy to accomplish this mission. Considerable amount of time was devoted to develop professional-quality promotional materials for the AGA and the US Go Congresses. These materials have been sent to a number of US companies, foundations, and individuals, as well as to our international friends and potential partners. 

On the tangible side, we point to the success of securing a five-year agreement with Pandanet to sponsor the Pandanet-AGA City League, starting Fall, 2012, that will add to the high-profile Go competitions in North America. We have also secured the funding for the first North American International Go Symposium, which we hope will continue on a regular basis and become the center stage for scholarly activities in Go. 

Most importantly, the committee has made great strides in reaching out to friends of American Go. For example, we successfully secured the agreement from Nolan Bushnell to be the keynote speaker for our Go Symposium. In addition, a slate of well-known international Go scholars will make their presentations. They come from China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Europe, and all but guaranteed the Symposium will have a great start. 

We have sent many invitations to Chinese commercial and government interests. This year, for the first time, we will have a mind-sport delegation from Shandong province to the North Carolina Congress. We will have a number of Korean Go officials as well. These activities add to the traditional “tour groups” from Asia and bode well for future development opportunities. 

More recently, Andy Okun and Thomas Hsiang have worked with other mind sports in the US to form common promotion and education strategies. There is excellent prospect that we will be able in the near future to leverage the stronger sports – Chess, Bridge, and Poker – in market development. 

On the members level, our committee members have telephoned about 1/3 of the AGA chapter reps to invite their suggestions and participations. This activity will continue in the future. 

Peter Freedman, Chair 
Thomas Hsiang 
Andrew Okun 
Paul Celmer 
Lisa Scott 

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