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Correction: The first Beginner's Night is Sun., Oct. 14th, from 1-4 at TaborSpace, 54th and SE Belmont. 


"Saying 'just one game,they began to play...That was yesterday" 

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Portland Go Club 

Minutes, June 30, 2012 

Attending: Glenn Peters, Peter Freedman, Bill Corry, Cynthia Gaty 

1. Pro Workshops. 

Cynthia reported 9 people attended the Guo Juan workshop in Corvallis. She submitted a request to reimbursed the club for Guo Juan's fees and travel expenses of $1200. Peter will request reimbursement from the PGC's Congress account and write a check to the Corvallis club for $1200. 

We agreed that the north valley seems to have interest in only one pro workshop a year. Cynthia will contact Guo Juan about doing a Portland workshop next year. More details will follow later. 

2, Youth. Explore idea of putting on workshops for kids. 

3. Adults/Outreach. 

a. Have sign up sheets at outreach events for those interested in learning more about the game. 

b. Follow up with phone calls to signees. 

c. Have quaterly 'Beginner nights' for brand new players, teaching basics and having them play each other. 

d. Refer these people to existing Go venues. 

e. Specifically invite Trey to club meetings to unite his efforts with ours, jointly strategize and plan. 

f. Publicize 'Beginner Nights' on listserv, Lewis and Clark, PCC, PSU, and to specific individuals: Chris Shelly, Wendy, Trey, Neal… 

First 'Beginner Night' is Sun., Oct. 13 th , at Mt. Tabor Church, 1-4 p.m. 

3. Treasurer's Report. Peter will forward the report to the officers. 

4. AGA Elections. Discussed candidates for Western Region and at large, AGA board positions. 

Next Meeting: Sat. Sept. 29 th , Lucky Lab, 1:30. 

"Saying 'just one game,they began to play...That was yesterday" 

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