[Wvgc-go] Pro Workshop with Janice Kim, April 6th-8th.

peter.freedman at comcast.net peter.freedman at comcast.net
Tue Jan 10 10:31:21 PST 2012

The following players have indicated they are interested in attending this workshop...so far. I encourage you to contact each other, play games, and send them to Janice (see email address above) - as many games as early as possible, as Janice will use them to structure her lessons for us. 

Mea culpa!!!! I demoted Janice...she is a 3 dan pro, not a 2 dan. 

	Peter Freedman 	2 dan 	

	Jim Levenick, 	2 dan 	

	Ray King 	2 dan 	
	Glenn Peters 	1 dan 
	Nhan Ho 	KGS 1 Dan 	Bob O Malley 	1 kyu 	

	Fritz Balwit 	1 kyu 	
	Cynthia Gaty 	6 kyu 
	Peter Drake 	6 kyu 	Gordon Castanza 	12kyu 
One other note: Since parking becomes free at Lewis and Clark at 7 pm on Fri., we will start at 7:15, not 6, on Friday night, and go until 10:15. Parking is free the rest of the weekend. 

Peter F. 

"To write the number of positions on a Go board of 361 points we will have to use the word 'ten thousand' 52 times." 

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