[Wvgc-go] Go sets in Portland

Chuck Vose vosechu at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 09:44:40 PST 2012

I'm going to a conference today and I wanted to take a go board but
when I was leaving the house I realized that my 2" table board and
bowls were just too much to pack. I realize that I'm probably not
going to find a travel set today but I wanted to ask if anyone had
thoughts about where I might find one? I'm going to check out Shogun's
at lunch but I don't have very high hopes.

As a longer term plan though, at the 2006 go congress I saw a guy with
a beautiful slotted 1" go board that had a travel case that fit small
but beautiful bowls. Has anyone run across something like this? I've
been looking all over the Internet today to absolutely no avail. I can
find slotted go boards but none of any quality and no cases
whatsoever. Maybe I'm just romanticizing it after such a long time.

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