[Wvgc-go] Signed up and paid for Janice Kim workshop

peter.freedman at comcast.net peter.freedman at comcast.net
Thu Feb 23 13:20:01 PST 2012

Players and ranks of Janice Kim workshop participants: 

	Nhan Ho 	KGS 1 Dan 
	Peter Freedman 	2 dan 
	Jim Levenick, 	2 dan 
	Ray King 	2 dan 
	Trey Cundall 	2 dan 	Glenn Peters 	1 dan 	Bob O Malley 	1 kyu 	Bill Corry 	3 kyu 
	Minh Pham 	4 kyu 
	Andy Suson 	4 kyu 
	Cynthia Gaty 	6 kyu 
	Peter Drake 	6 kyu 
	James Moore 	6 kyu 	Robert Solovay 	9 kyu 	Gordon Castanza 	12kyu 
	April Hersey 	? 
	Richard Zbinden 	12 kyu 

Please get games to Janice. 

There's still time, brother...or sister, to join this elite bunch of motley Go players:) 

Peter Freedman 

"Saying 'just one game'they began to play...That was yesterday" 

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