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After the 2008 Congress the club had about $12,000 held in an account for us by the AGA. This represented 50% of the Congress profits. In addition to using these funds for such things as equipment, signs, and printing, the AGA has allowed us to request reimbursement for expenses for pro workshops. The purpose of this AGA policy is to encourage clubs to put these funds to use. Because of the workshops we've put on, we now have a balance in our local account of about $6000. The Corvallis club is reaping similar benefits for workshops it puts on -- that is, it can charge for the workshops, keep the income, and through the Portland Go Club request reimbursement for its expenses from the Portland Go Club congress account. We do that because: a. Part of the Portland club's mission is to support Go activities throughout the State, and, b., Corvallis and Salem Go players played critical roles in making the Congress a success. 

We do not see these funds being used for tournament prizes. But they are available for Go activities in Oregon. Let one of the officers of the Portland Go Club know if you want to engage in Go activities where you'd like to access some of these funds. We're happy to consider your request. 

Peter Freedman 
Club facilitator 

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