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Brian Allen bkaphoto at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 5 22:05:52 PDT 2012

1st AGA-Tygem Seattle Pro Prelim May 5 & 6

A total of $500 in Prizes
Plus $500 for the expenses of the person competing in North Carolina
At the Seattle Go Center

Here's your chance to turn pro! All you have to do is win this preliminary 
tournament in Seattle, and then win the national tournament in North 
Carolina, July 28-Aug 4, to be identified as the "AGA Pro". You will then be 
qualified to compete in these Korean Baduk Association tournaments: Samsung; 
LG: BC Card; Olleh Kt; and Korea Myung-in Cup. The national tournament is 
being sponsored by Tygem, an online baduk (go) playing site that has both 
Korean and English versions. http://www.tygembaduk.com/

Competitors for the pro position have to be U.S. or Canadian citizens (proof 
required) and AGA or CGA members. They can sign up for the American Go 
Association membership when they register for the tournament at the Seattle 
Go Center, or in advance at the AGA website: 
http://www.usgo.org/org/application.htm.  In future years, competitors will 
need to show that they have been members of the AGA for at least a year.

We will also have a section for strong players (dan level) who do not plan 
to compete for the pro position.  They do not have to be U.S. or Canadian 
citizens.  They will be eligible for the prizes.  Please note that this is a 
two day tournament.

Myungwan Kim 9p will be coming for the preliminary tournament in Seattle May 
5 & 6.  Our regular ratings tournament will be moved up a week to Sunday, 
April 29, to make room for this special event.

Advance registration for the tournament costs $20; registration at the door 
is $30.  To register, please follow this link: 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Brian Allen
manager at seattlego.org
206 632-1122 (home office)
206 545-1424 (Go Center)
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