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Hi Peter, 

My name is Trey and I'm trying to organize a monthly meeting for Portland area Go players to play tournament style, AGA rated games. Instead of an actual tournament I thought a League day where people can come or go as they wish and play as many or as few rated games as they want. I've actually got space at the Cascade Campus of PCC reserved for, and I know this is very short notice, Dec. 3rd. That is this coming Saturday. I don't know why I thought trying to organize something like this right before I have to take finals was a good idea but there it is. Anyway, I have two rooms, one for serious AGA rated games and another for socializing and playing relaxed or teaching games. 

I've talked to Glenn about using some of the PDX Go Club's clocks and I'm going to pick them up from him for the event. I'm also going to go to Powell's tonight to hand out flyers and I'm heading to the Bamboo Grove tomorrow night to do the same thing. 

I'm appending the event details and I was hoping you could send it the WVGC mailing list. Even though its at the last moment maybe a couple of people will show up. I'll also be at the event all day to make sure that there are things going on. I'm an AGA 1 dan and I will be available to teach beginners or otherwise facilitate the event. I've also been in communication with the AGA about the set up of the event to make sure the games qualify to be submitted as rated games. I'll have a laptop there to look up AGA #s for people or register them on site if they wish. 

Finally I'm trying to have this happen every month and am hoping to better organize the next one which I'm hoping to have sometime around mid January. Thank you for your help. 

Trey Cundall 

Event Details: 

Portland Go Ratings League 
Meeting this Sat. December 3rd 
10AM to 5PM 
at the PCC Cascade Campus 
705 N. Killingsworth Ave. 
Portland, OR 

Rooms SC 303 and 304 - In the Student Center, the building with the library and cafeteria. 
Take the elevator by the library. 

There will be one 'quiet' room for serious, rated games and another room for relaxed games and socializing. We will have boards and clocks and will submit your game results to the American Go Association. The event is FREE and does NOT require pre-registration. We can look up your AGA number on site if you don't have it available. 

Rated games can be played between any two players who agree to time control (recommended 1 hour + 5 overtime periods of 30 seconds each or 1/2 hour + 5 overtime periods of 30 seconds each) and handicap. 

More information and a Campus Map can be seen at http://www.questforshodan.com/pgrl/ 
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