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Please note: 

The next Portland Go Club Executive Committee is scheduled to meet on Sat., October 8th, 1:30, at the Lucky Lab on SE Hawthorne. 

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In Attendance: President Glenn Peters, Coordinator Peter Freedman, Secretary Bill 
Corry; Cynthia Gaty 

Professional Go Workshop :   The workshop was in held in Salem over the June 25/26 week end.   The consensus of the participants was that the workshop was quite successful and that the professional Guo Juan did a wonderful job. The workshop was well enough attended that it came close to breaking even. The success of the workshop lead the board to propose holding another workshop, tentatively scheduled for February 2012.   Four persons seemed likely candidates for the professional to run the workshop: Jennie Shen, Janice Kim, Feng Yung, Yilun Yang. 

Please post on this listserv your preference for the pro for our next pro workshop - one of the pro's above, or, somebody else. 

Out Reach: A wide ranging discussion of how to promote go was held. However, existing efforts to promote will include demonstrations at: 

·          The Portland Chinese Garden on the first Sunday of each month. 

·          The Japan festival held by Uwajimaya on September 24, 25 of this year. 

·          The annual Mochitsuki celebration that is held by the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center. 

Glenn Peters has obtained 33 go boards, as well as stones and printouts of the rules and explanation of the game to assist efforts to popularize the game. 

The Club would like to formally thank and recognize two Portland Go Player's contributions to Go. 

Fritz Balwit has been named Teacher of the Year by the AGA. 

Our own Vincent Zhuang won the World Youth Go Championships qualifier, and will be going to Romania to compete for the US. 

Thank you Fritz for your dedication to spreading the game of Go to the next generation of Go-playing Portlanders, and thank you Vincent for working so hard to improve your game and putting Portland on the U.S. -- indeed the world -- Go map! 

Treasure Report: No activity has affected the club’s balance since the last meeting.   However, reimbursements for the materials purchased by Glenn and the reimbursement of the organizers of the last Go workshop will affect the balance. The Portland Club is in discussions with the Corvallis club on the extent of their financial support for the recent completed pro workshop. 
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