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Portland Go Club Board Meeting
Minutes 8/21/2010
In Attendance: President Glenn Peters, VP Akane Negishi, Secretary Bill
Corry, Coordinator Peter Freedman, Cynthia Gaty
Professional Go Visit I:
Myung Wan Kim(9 Don) is scheduled for Nov 12-14 at Reed College.  
Professional Go Visit II:
Another visit by a Go professional (Guo Juan) in the spring of 2011 is being explored.   
Youth Go:  
A discussion on the best way to get kids to join the go playing community.  Currently approximately 300 have learned the fundamentals but most will not join the go playing community.  Methods proposed for encouraging them included:

The development of teams at a school level that would compete against other teams.  Between school tournaments could be held either on-line or perhaps with travelling tournaments.
The creation of a youth scetion in all tournaments.
The sponsoring of a day camp for go.
The development of a Go Buddy system whereby go players would be encouraged to find a partner to play go with.
The offering of prizes for the completion of go related activities that have yet to be defined.  To this end the board authorized Peter Freedment $500 to explore this option.  Potential prizes might include go boards, go programs, temporary tattoos,  videos.
It was proposed that Glenn Peters maintain a list of the contact information of the people who had expressed an interest in learning Go.  These people would be contacted after their initial expression of interest with an offer to teach the game at either on of the regular venues for playing go or one that would be expressly created for new players.  A list of people who would volunteer to teach new players would also be maintained.
Treasurers Report:
The club has $3046.01 in a local branch of US Bank and no liabilities.  The club also has another account which the American Go Association has pleged to place money in but is not required to do so.  A statement of the amount of money in that account is not available. 		 	   		  
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