[Wvgc-go] Spring Salem Tournament

Robert O'Malley omalleyr at science.oregonstate.edu
Wed Mar 31 13:57:18 PDT 2010

Hey all

Cynthia Gaty (TD) along with the Willamette and Corvallis Go Clubs are 
putting on another AGA rated Go tournament ... one day, three rounds of 
handicap Go.  Information below.

I've been tagged to do the pairings, and have decided to go retro this 
time, doing the match-ups by hand (instead of noodling with software).  
I will aim to match similar won-loss records together, with the 
additional constraint that the strongest (and weakest) player matches up 
to the players closest to them in strength (minimizing the handicaps 
that they will deal with).  If I have enough of a pool, I will also 
attempt to *not* match players from the same club, if possible (but 
sometimes there is just nothing that can be done about that).

So ... join on in!  So far there are 12 players preregistered, with 
player strength running from 12K to 6D (distribution shown below).  Just 
email Cynthia at <cgaty at gmail.com> to preregister.  Preregistration 
closes on the Thursday before the tournament, at 6 pm, so I can get the 
first round ready along with boards, stones, and clocks.  Time to show 
just how much those pro lessons have changed your game :))



> There will be a Go Tournament held on April 24 at Willamette 
> University in Salem Oregon. Hosted by the Willamette Go Club and the 
> Corvallis Go Club.
> Three rounds, one day, beginning at 9:00.
> the entry fee will be $20 preregistered and $25 at the door.
> You will need to be an AGA member to play you may join the AGA upon 
> registration if you are not a current member or buy a one day 
> tournament pass.
> If you wish to register please send the following information to:
>  ckgaty at gmail.com <mailto:ckgaty at gmail.com> or phone at (503) 585- 3380
> Name
> AGA number
> rank
> phone number
registered players' strength distribution:

 6D:  x
 3D:  x
 1K:  x
 2K:  xx
 3K:  xxx
 6K:  xxx
12K:  x

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