[Wvgc-go] Portland Go Club Meeting Minutes 2/20/2010

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Here's the minutes to the most recent minutes.

I tried posting this earlier, but the mailing list was down.

> To: Willamette Valley Go Club <wvgc-go at computer-go.org>
> Subject: Portland Go Club Meeting Minutes 2/20/2010
> Portland Go Club Quarterly Meeting Minutes

> 2/20/10

> Lucky Lab
> 1:30 p.m.
> Present:  Glenn Peters, President
>               Peter Freedman, Facilitator
>               Doug Cable, Treasurer
> Absent   Akane Nigishi, Vice President
> Guest:    Bill Corry
> 1. Secretary.  John Howard has resigned as the club secretary.  Bill
> Corry was appointed the new secretary.  Welcome aboard, Bill:)
> 2. Finances.

> a. Club Account.
> Doug reports an account balance in our local account of $2195.45 as of
> 2/18/10.

> b. Yang workshop.
> Peter reported 10 paid up participants (11 as of this writing) for Mr.
> Yang's workshop for a total of $875.  18 attendees are now expected.
>  The budgeted cost of the workshop is $1990, so we are looking at a
> loss (which will be covered by our AGF acccount).  Regardless, before
> planning our next pro workshop, we will take a look at cost structure
> and player interest.  Consider the original plan of two pro workshops
> a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, on hold for further
> discussion.  Peter to check on whether we got our $100 deposit back
> from the Lucky Lab when we were planning on having our Fall pro
> workshop there.

> Ed. note:
> PETER.FREEDMAN at COMCAST.NET  Here are the people I'm expecting, who's
> paid, and the ranks I think I know:
> Doug Cable 1 4d
> James Moore 1 pd 1d
> Peter Freedman   1 pd 2d
> Ben Hakala 1 2d
> Fritz Balwit 1 pd 1k
> Glenn Peters 1 pd 1k
> John Kalb 1 pd
> Josh Hoak 1 1k
> Reed College 3
> Mike Alford 1 pd 1k
> Ogden Kellog 1 pd 8k
> Cynthia Gaty 1 pd 6k
> Wendy Gleason 1 pd 14k
> Beau Griffing 1 pd 8k
> Alec Austin 1 pd
> Matt Broadwell 1 9k
> 3. Outreach.  We now have outreach in the Portland Chinese Garden the
> first Sunday of EVERY month from 12-5...but volunteers have been
> scarcer than the Shusaku opening!!!  Please help Glenn with this
> worthy outreach project by responding to his requests for volunteer
> help (for this and other outreach efforts).
> 4. Youth Go. Peter F. reports about 15 kids attend the Waldorf School
> (Milwaukee) Go club, with average attendance of about 10 kids each
> week.  The Irvington Chess and Go club is going strong - Over 35 kids,
> half of whom play Go one week, then switch with the other half and
> play chess.  The kids play in their own room on IGS, and their first
> on-line tournament started last Thursday.  Every child will get a
> prize, once Peter collects our pins, buttons and cups left over from
> the Congress.
> Next meeting: Sat., May 22nd, at the Lucky Lab pub, 1:30 p.m.
> Respectfully Submitted,
> Peter Freedman
> Club Facilitator
> (Forwarded to the list by Glenn Peters)
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