[Wvgc-go] Pro Workshops in Portland: feedback, pricing, future pro workshops: please comment:)

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Fri Mar 12 08:26:17 PST 2010

If you attended Mr. Yang's workshop, please send me your thoughts - what you liked, what could be improved, suggested changes, whether you'd like to attend another workshop with him. 

Wendy, if your students are not on this list serv would you check in with them and let me know their thoughts (on the above and what follows)? 

Pricing: At the pricing structure we have used for this and the Jennie Shen workshop we lost money. Would the following pricing structure change be a deciding factor in whether you came to a future workshop or not? 


$100 for three day workshop 
$40/day, pay for one - two days 
50% off for students 
75% off for children and youth (17 and under) 


$125 for three day workshop 
$45/day, pay for 1-2 days 
$50 off for students (age 22-18) 
$50 charge for children and youth (age 17 and under) 

Our goals in pricing are: a., not to lose money and b., if possible, make a little. We have lost a total of about $700 from the two workshops we have done. We've made up the loss from the funds we earned at the Congress, but I'd like to maintain, or possibly increase, these funds. Your thoughts on this? 

Please let me know if you would be interested in a weekend pro workshop this fall. Akane has a pro in mind from CA (who would stay at her place and save us housing costs). 


Peter Freedman 
for the Portland Go Club 

"Fly (insert airline name here). We will get you somewhere, sometime, someday...maybe." 
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