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peter.freedman at comcast.net peter.freedman at comcast.net
Mon Jun 7 11:55:03 PDT 2010

Please let me know if you are interested in attending the pro workshop previously posted by emailing me at peter.freedman at comcast.net 

Gordon C. is the first person to register, guaranteeing him one of ten spots in the pro simul event Friday night. First preference for those spots go to the first ten people who register at full price ($100) for the weekend. 

To register: 

Send payment to: 

Portland Go Club 
C/O Peter Freedman 
1710 SW Harbor Way #303 
Portland OR 97201 

Make check payable to the Portland Go Club, and note on it 'nov. pro workshop'. 


Peter Freedman 

"Fly (insert airline name here). We will get you somewhere, sometime, someday...maybe." 
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