[Wvgc-go] Minutes for Portland Go Club Meeting on 12/4/2010

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Portland Go Club Board Meeting
Minutes 12/4/2010
In Attendance: President Glenn Peters, Coordinator Peter Freedman, Secretary Bill
Professional Go Visit I:
Myung Wan Kim(9 Don) ran the workshop at Reed College on November 13-14.  All attendees at the workshop submitted evaluations of the workshop.  Financially, the Go club just about broke even on the event. The consensus of the attendees was that was that the workshop could have been substantially approved.  

The speaker was congenial and well liked.
The talks devoted to Life and Death problems were done well and enjoyed.
The talks on counting were too overly emphasized and difficult to follow.  We suggest that the lecture be shorted and clarified or presented as a handout.
Professional Go Visit II:
Another visit by a Go professional for 2011 is being explored.   Guo Juan, a 5 Dan professional, has been recommended.  It is not clear when the workshop would be held or how much should be charged.  To help resolve these issues a survey of likely attendees has been proposed.  A draft of the proposed survey will be sent to the Portland Go club officers before it is sent out to the community.
Fritz Balwit is still conducting Go lessons in 1 school while Peter Freedman is teaching at two schools.  Peter observed that attendance in the Go/Chess clubs often drops during the year due to a lack of parental involvement and a student life style where so many other activites also compete for the students attention.  
Glenn Peters proposed buying 25 thins wooden Go boards for easier transport to different locations where Go players could demonstrate the game.  The proposal was approved.
Treasurers Report:
The report was deferred.  
Peter reports we lost $180 on the last pro workshop.  The amount would have been much more had not Akane negotiated a lower rate with Mr. Kim and Reed college donated space to hold the event.
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