[Wvgc-go] news from Corvallis

Robert O'Malley omalleyr at science.oregonstate.edu
Tue Aug 24 10:04:05 PDT 2010

Hey all

I have some "new" news, and some old news, that players outside of 
Corvallis might not know about

first, we have been lucky to have two 6D players coming to the Corvallis 
meetings:  SeJoon Park, who is a PhD student here at OSU, and Nicholas 
Jhirad, who just moved to Eugene from the DC area.

next, we have also been lucky enough to have now had sightings of three 
young players (all undergrad age) who were first introduced to Go 
through Corvallis Go Club outreach to the middle schools (all three 
introduced to Go in 6th grade through 6th grade humanities (Ancient 
China) (I came in as a guest lecturer to those classes for a number of 
years)).  One of those players was part of the middle school go club 
that I gave a shot at organizing one year back then.

also youth related, we have once again given a Go class for the academic 
summer camp here at OSU for TAG students, this one for the 7th and 8th 
graders who were part of the  "Thinking Outside the Box" summer 
classes.  I started that with the 5th and 6th grade groups a bunch of 
years ago, then Ira Hecht picked it up, and this year Yigal Toister gave 
the class.  Unbelievable, the instructors actually get paid  ;^)

And, lastly, we tried a Corvallis "Day of Go" for club members back when 
the World Cup finals were on ... big screen TV world cup soccer showing 
at the same time as a six player round robin.  We used AGA ratings, but 
no results were sent in, and no fees were charged (although, it was a 
pot-luck ... :)) ).  This was definitely an "invitational", but it 
worked, and I suspect we will expand the idea and do it again.  *not* 
sending in the results made this much more informal (and less stressful) 
as far as I could tell.  The pot luck helped too :))

that's it, for old and new "news".  A few other things brewing, but 
we'll pick them up in a bit.

see you


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