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Claude Brisson claude at renegat.net
Fri Jan 22 05:15:24 PST 2021

Hi. Maybe it's a newbie question, but since the ladders are part of the 
well defined topology of the goban (as well as the number of current 
liberties of each chain of stone), can't feeding those values to the 
networks (from the very start of the self teaching course) help with 
large shichos and sekis?



On 21-01-22 13 h 59, Rémi Coulom wrote:
> Hi David,
> You are right that non-determinism and bot blind spots are a source of 
> problems with Elo ratings. I add randomness to the openings, but it is 
> still difficult to avoid repeating some patterns. I have just noticed 
> that the two wins of CrazyStone-81-15po against LZ_286_e6e2_p400 were 
> caused by very similar ladders in the opening:
> http://www.yss-aya.com/cgos/viewer.cgi?19x19/SGF/2021/01/21/733333.sgf
> http://www.yss-aya.com/cgos/viewer.cgi?19x19/SGF/2021/01/21/733301.sgf
> Such a huge blind spot in such a strong engine is likely to cause 
> rating compression.
> Rémi
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