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Hiroshi Yamashita yss at bd.mbn.or.jp
Fri Jan 22 00:27:06 PST 2021


> The most noticeable case of this is with Mi Yuting's flying dagger joseki.

I'm not familiar with this.
I found Hirofumi Ohashi 6d pro's explanation half year ago in HCCL ML.
The following is a quote.
It seems that it is called a flying dagger joseki in China.
This shape, direct 33 to lower tsuke (black 9th move B6) is researched
  jointly with humans and AI, but still inconclusive. After kiri (black
  15th move E4), mainstream is white A, but depending on the version of
  KataGo, white B may be recommended. By the way, KataGo I'm using now
  is 1.3.5, which is just a short time ago.

This kind of joseki is not good for Zero type. Ladder and capturing
  race are intricately combined. In AlphaGo(both version of AlphaGoZero
  and Master) published self-matches, this joseki is rare.

I found this joseki in kata1_b40s575v100 (black) vs LZ_286_e6e2_p400 (white).

Mi Yuting wiki has this joseki.
KataGo has special option.

> a very large sampling of positions from a wide range
> of human professional games, from say, move 20, and have bots play starting
> from these sampled positions, in pairs once with each color. 

This sounds interesting.
I will think about another CGOS that handle this.

Hiroshi Yamashita

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