[Computer-go] CGOS source on github

Rémi Coulom remi.coulom at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 05:05:11 PST 2021

I checked, and CrazyStone-57-TiV is using the same neural network and
hardware as CrazyStone-18.04. Batch size, cuDNN version, and time
management heuristics may have changed, but I expect that strength should
be almost identical. CrazyStone-57-TiV may be a little stronger.

So it seems that the rating drift over 3 years is about 450 Elo points, and
the "All Time Ranks" are a bit meaningless.

Can you produce a list where CrazyStone-57-TiV is renamed to
CrazyStone-18.04? It may be enough to fix the drift.

I need the machine for something else, so I disconnected the GPU version.
CrazyStone-81-15po is running 15 playouts per move on the CPU of a small
machine, and will stay.

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