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Rémi Coulom remi.coulom at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 06:32:58 PST 2021


Thanks to you for taking care of CGOS.

I have just connected CrazyStone-57-TiV. It is not identical, but should be
similar to the old CrazyStone-18.04. CrazyStone-18.04 was the last version
of my program that used tensorflow. CrazyStone-57 is the first neural
network that did not use tensorflow, running with my current code. So it
should be stronger than CrazyStone-18.04, and I expect it will get a much
lower rating.
A possible explanation for the rating drift may be that most of the old MC
programs have disappeared. They won easily against GNU Go, and were easily
beaten by the CNN programs. The Elo statistical model is wrong when
different kind of programs play against each other. When the CNN program
had to get a rating by playing directly against GNU Go, they did not manage
to climb as high as when they had the MC programs between them and GNU Go.
I'll try to investigate this hypothesis more with the data.

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