[Computer-go] Message by Facebook AI group

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Wed May 2 20:24:56 PDT 2018


in the German computer go forum a link to this
message by the Facebook AI Research group was posted:

I think this action will speed up "the" development.

One personal quote from the acknowledgement paragraph
of that message:
> We thank the LeelaZero team for their high quality work, 
> and our hope is that open-sourcing our bot can similarly 
> benefit community initiatives like LeelaZero. We would 
> additionally like to thank Mr. Kim Jiseok, Mr. Shin Jinseo, 
> Mr. Park Yeonghun, and Mr. Choi Cheolhan of the Korean 
> Baduk association for their eager participation, 
> challenging our bot through a series of games.

Chers, Ingo.

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