[Computer-go] Hosting mid-level bots on CGOS

Martin Mueller mmueller at ualberta.ca
Thu Mar 15 12:13:33 PDT 2018

> We're thinking about putting Pachi, Fuego, and the like on CGOS. I have a
> few questions:
> - Are the authors okay with us using our own compute resources to put their
> bots up on CGOS?
> - Do people have recommended hardware / configuration settings to run these
> bots?

Hello Brian,
I can speak for Fuego.
You are welcome to put Fuego back on CGOS.
I recommend that you use the current svn version, not the 1.1 release.
You can think of the current svn version as Fuego 2.0, even though I never made an official release with that number.
Fuego profits from more CPU cores and memory, but not from GPU.
For configuration, you can start with sample scripts in
and pick/modify from there. I haven’t run them in years so they most likely need tweaking.


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