[Computer-go] MiniGo open sourced

Brian Lee brian.kihoon.lee at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 17:50:56 PST 2018

Hi everybody,

I'm happy to announce MiniGo is now open source.


We're not aiming for a top-level Go AI; we're merely aiming for a correct,
very readable implementation of the AlphaGoZero algorithm and demonstration
of Google Cloud / Kubernetes / TensorFlow. (The code currently clocks in at
around 2000 lines of Python; 3000 with tests.) Of course, in the end,
strength is the best way to tell that your implementation is correct :)

A few Googlers, including myself and Andrew Jackson, have been working on
this, but we're otherwise completely unaffiliated with DeepMind and the
AlphaGo project.

We intend to be as open as possible in our development of MiniGo and
welcome your contributions!
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