[Computer-go] L011 bots on CGOS are configured wrong

Andy andy.olsen.tx at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 19:09:59 PST 2018

Hoping to contact whoever is running these bots.


Copy/paste of my post on reddit:

Who is running the L011 bots on CGOS? I'm assuming they are Leela v0.11.
They are not configured to remove all dead stones from the board. I don't
know the command line options for Leela, does anyone know how to get it to
do that? Also when you fix it please make new accounts because it's going
to mess up all the ratings otherwise.


Also can you run a test to see how much time it takes to do X playouts in
Leela vs in LeelaZero? I don't think those numbers are directly comparable.

And roy7's helpful addition:

What the bot operator has to do is change the cgos wrapper program to
always send the client kgs-genmove_cleanup instead of "genmove". I think
it's a line in gtpengine.py that looks like this:

result = self._sendListResponseCommand("kgs-genmove_cleanup " + gtpColour)

Yes, people running Leela without this will lose games they should have won
because otherwise Leela is playing Chinese but the server is playing
Tromp-Taylor. TT and Chinese are similar enough just forcing
kgs-genmove_cleanup will work around it.
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