[Computer-go] November KGS bot tournament

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Fri Oct 27 10:19:21 PDT 2017

Darren Cook: <92a6a6a9-4bb9-d8a8-fdca-4276a5ce1168 at dcook.org>:
>> Since AlphaGo, almost all academic organizations have 
>> stopped development but, ...
>In Japan, or globally? Either way, what domain(s)/problem(s) have they
>switched into studying?

Global.  Some told me that there will be no value in 
developing strong programs, in academic sense.  Maybe 
others have other reasons.  The only exception I know is 
Prof. Wu's lab (CGI) in Taiwan.

Some have shifted to generating natural language-like 
explanations for AI's moves, developing entertainment 
versions which intentionally play close games, etc. and some 
have shifted to other games including strategic ones and 
imperfect info ones.
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