[Computer-go] November KGS bot tournament

Rémi Coulom remi.coulom at free.fr
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I would like to thank Nick very much, too. When I was working on Crazy Stone, these tournaments were a great source of motivation and enjoyment. I'll keep particularly good memories of the KGS-tournament parties in Tokyo.

So, thanks Nick for a great contribution to our community.


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Hi Nick,

> this will be the last of the series of KGS bot tournaments.

Thank you for holding KGS tournament since 2005.
On CGOS, there are always some new comers.
I hope they also enter KGS bot tournament.

Hiroshi Yamashita

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The November KGS bot tournament will be on Sunday, November 5th, starting
at 16:00 UTC and ending by 22:00 UTC.  It will use 19x19 boards, with
time limits
of 14 minutes each and very fast Canadian overtime, and komi of 7½.  It
will be a Swiss tournament.  See http://www.gokgs.com/tournInfo.jsp?id=112

Please register by emailing me at maproom at gmail.com, with the words "KGS
Tournament Registration" in the email title.
With the falling interest in these events since the advent of AlphaGo, it
is likely that this will be the last of the series of KGS bot tournaments.

Nick Wedd      maproom at gmail.com

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