[Computer-go] AlphaGo Zero SGF - Free Use or Copyright?

Robert Jasiek jasiek at snafu.de
Thu Oct 26 22:18:01 PDT 2017

On 26.10.2017 22:29, Brian Sheppard via Computer-go wrote:
> it is important to account for p-space completeness.

We are not dealing with N-go for arbitrary, increasing N, but with 
361-go on the fixed board size. Nevertheless, a complete mathematical 
solution of go might be extremely complex. We are not there yet. 
Currently, we need not bother with possible eventual complexity but can 
use approximations during decision-making.

> That is, a set of rules that covers Go without conflict must be exponential in space usage.

Unless studying N-go and possibly when studying a complete mathematical 
solution of 361-go, I do not see why. The R rules themselves can have a 
tree hierarchy with roughly ld R decisions between the rules for a 
search of a final decision. The real complexity only occurs where some 
single rules call a tactical reading routine, for which we can set 
practical search limitations.

robert jasiek

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