[Computer-go] Zero is weaker than Master!?

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Thu Oct 26 16:49:40 PDT 2017

The 40 block version (2nd instance) first appeared in 
Section 4 in the paper.  Section 2 and 3 are all for the 1st 


Xavier Combelle: <39a79a0e-7c7d-2a01-a2ae-573cda8b1370 at gmail.com>:
>Unless I mistake figure 3 shows the plot of supervised learning to

>reinforcement learning, not 20 bloc/40 block


>For searching mention of the 20 blocks I search for 20 in the whole

>paper and did not found any other mention


>than of the kifu thing.



>Le 26/10/2017 à 15:10, Gian-Carlo Pascutto a écrit :

>> On 26-10-17 10:55, Xavier Combelle wrote:

>>> It is just wild guesses  based on reasonable arguments but without

>>> evidence.

>> David Silver said they used 40 layers for AlphaGo Master. That's more

>> evidence than there is for the opposite argument that you are trying to

>> make. The paper certainly doesn't talk about a "small" and a "big" 


>> You seem to be arguing from a bunch of misreadings and

>> misunderstandings. For example, Figure 3 in the paper shows the Elo plot

>> for the 20 block/40 layer version, and it compares to Alpha Go Lee, not

>> Alpha Go Master. The Alpha Go Master line would be above the flattening

>> part of the 20 block/40 layer AlphaGo Zero. I guess you missed this when

>> you say that they "only mention it to compare on kifu prediction"?




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