[Computer-go] Source code (Was: Reducing network size? (Was: AlphaGo Zero))

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Wed Oct 25 15:07:02 PDT 2017

I ask because there are (nearly) bus-speed networks that could make
multiple evaluation quick, especially if the various versions didn't differ
by more than a fixed fraction of nodes.


On Oct 25, 2017 3:03 PM, uurtamo at gmail.com wrote:

Does the self-play step use the most recent network for each move?

On Oct 25, 2017 2:23 PM, "Gian-Carlo Pascutto" <gcp at sjeng.org> wrote:

On 25-10-17 17:57, Xavier Combelle wrote:
> Is there some way to distribute learning of a neural network ?

Learning as in training the DCNN, not really unless there are high
bandwidth links between the machines (AFAIK - unless the state of the
art changed?).

Learning as in generating self-play games: yes. Especially if you update
the network only every 25 000 games.

My understanding is that this task is much more bottlenecked on game
generation than on DCNN training, until you get quite a bit of machines
that generate games.

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