[Computer-go] Collision between e-manners and shoelaces...

patrick.bardou patrick.bardou at laposte.net
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Hi Pierce from Caltech,
Would an Aspergers typically try to lift himself up by pulling on his shoelaces ? ....
I think you just mistaken me for my fellowcontryman Xavier Combelle and was not replying to my post:
I posted it just before the storm started. Gone with the wind ;-)
BTW, I would love to read a reply. Even from the sharp-minded Robert* ! ;-)
* whose posts I appreciate too, even if they are sometimes beyond me.

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Here’s a quick test:

1. Are you a software engineer?

2. If you answered “Yes” to question 1, congratulations, you have Aspergers. If you answered no to question 1, but you’re participating in an electronic discussion, you might as well have Aspergers, because e-media cannot convey tone or emotion. If you answered no to question 1 but you’re a college professor, be aware that Asperger called people on the spectrum “little professors” so you have double Aspergers. :-)

For those of you who are immediately offended, I should warn you that Aspergers is classified as a “Spectrum” which means that everyone has Aspergers. Its a range with Software Engineers on one end, and Actors on the other.

Robert hasn’t actually said anything that terrible that I can see reviewing his emails.

However, I suspect his tone is offending you rather than his actual words. That’s typical of conversing with someone with Aspergers over an electronic medium which strips all of the additional communication side bands. On a mailing list, we all have Aspergers.

Robert believes what he believes about the importance of edge cases. Telling him that you don’t care isn’t going to convince him. Getting pedantic about the purpose of this list just makes me suspect you of having Aspergers yourself.

If you don’t want to discuss double-ko, or the theoretical limits of Neural Network based AI, and whether the system actually “knows” anything, you don’t have to. But I kind of agree with Robert that I hope whoever designed whatever self-driving car I might end up with in the future has considered those edge cases, that their AI system isn’t just an elaborate “Chinese Room” of rules it doesn’t understand.



I freely admit to having Aspergers, and some days I admit to being a Chinese Room.

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