[Computer-go] Digression about e-manners and the spectrum

David Doshay ddoshay at mac.com
Tue Oct 24 19:43:44 PDT 2017

And while what you say is true (when I was a kid they did not say I had Aspergers Syndrome but rather called me hyperactive when they chose my meds), in this case I believe that it is magnified by, I am guessing here, one is German the other is French, and they are typing in English … a situation ripe for misunderstanding.

Let’s all play nice here, as is almost always the case.

David G Doshay

ddoshay at mac.com

> On 24, Oct 2017, at 5:07 PM, pierce at alumni.caltech.edu wrote:
>  I suspect his tone is offending you rather than his actual words. That’s typical of conversing with someone with Aspergers over an electronic medium which strips all of the additional communication side bands.

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