[Computer-go] AlphaGo Zero SGF - Free Use or Copyright?

Xavier Combelle xavier.combelle at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 10:15:05 PDT 2017

Hi Robert Jasiek,

you might have a delusional way to see the game of go and life, but I
would love that you would not pollute
my mailbox with such a delusional vision. I'm certain that a lot of
person of this mailing list and other forums share my view.

To sum up, I would be pleased and I'm quite certain others too that you
consider seriously behave more like others persons.

Did you already encounter a real game with "disturbing life kos or
anti-sekis" and especially "ladders (...) beyond 250 moves" ? If not how
do you believe that Alphago would learn how to manage such situations.

Xavier Combelle

Le 23/10/2017 à 16:35, Robert Jasiek a écrit :
> On 23.10.2017 14:05, Jim O'Flaherty wrote:
>> Couldn't they be useful as part of a set of training data for newly
>> trained
>> engines and networks?
> All the millions of games would be very useful for many purposes.
> E.g., I want to know whether the reconstructed knowledge includes such
> basic things as terminal positions with disturbing life kos or
> anti-sekis, whether ladders are recognised beyond 250 moves etc. Not
> to mention non-go applications.

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