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Petri Pitkanen petri.t.pitkanen at gmail.com
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1) There is no such thing and I do doubt if it ever will exist. Even humans
fail elaborate why they know certain things
2) If we are talking about new one. Very few people seen it playing so I
guess we lack the data. For the old we know it made errors, dunno if
analysis points why. Neural nets tend to be black boxes
3) Would it be a bad thing? All thing considered, not just human point of

2017-10-20 7:06 GMT+03:00 Robert Jasiek <jasiek at snafu.de>:

> So there is a superstrong neural net.
> 1) Where is the semantic translation of the neural net to human theory
> knowledge?
> 2) Where is the analysis of the neural net's errors in decision-making?
> 3) Where is the world-wide discussion preventing a combination of AI and
> (nano-)robots, which self-replicate or permanently ensure energy access,
> from causing extinction of mankind?
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> robert jasiek
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