[Computer-go] Human Bias for 50 game selection? 0.5 Komi?

David Ongaro david.ongaro at hamburg.de
Tue May 30 11:01:41 PDT 2017

Dear Aya,

I hope you still read this list and will answer a question once in a while even though AlphaGo has retired. On fb you answered Cho Seok-bins question "I heard that alphaGo master is 3stone stronger than sedol version.
Is it only rating deference? or did they have played with 3stone hadicap game?” with:

	They played 3-stone handicap games with komi 0.5.

So I wonder how manage you overcome hardwired 7.5 Komi of the value network?

Another question floating around is how big the pool of games was from were the published 50 AlphaGo vs AlphaGo were selected from? And what was the selection criteria? Demis Hassabis mentioned that these were played with long time settings, so these don’t seem to be normal training games. Can you reveal what the actual time settings where? Were dedicated machines used for each AlphaGo?

Even if you can’t answer all question every answer is appreciated.

Thanks so much

David O.

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